General FAQs

Call us toll-free at 1-866-623-7505 option 1, or email us at

Each one-way trip for Route Deviation service is $2.00 (where applicable), $2.50 on Demand Response, and the Faribault-Northfield Connect Route is $5.00. If a deviation is requested on the route buses a $0.50 additional fee is required. Payment is required at the beginning of each trip. Failure to cancel a ride is considered a “no-show” and payment will be due on your next ride.

You may pay with cash, tokens or passes. If you choose to use cash, exact change is needed – our drivers cannot make change and we do not allow pre-payment.

Anyone! Hiawathaland Transit is operated by Three Rivers, and is available to everyone for any reason. People of all ages and abilities ride our buses to go places like school, work, the grocery store, doctor’s office, pharmacy, or library. Contact Hiawathaland Transit for more information about specific services.

Yes, our buses are accessible to riders who utilize wheelchairs, walkers, etc. We encourage 24-hour advance notice for any ride needing the use of the lift (as space is limited). Assistants accompanying a person with disabilities may be eligible to ride free of charge. To determine your eligibility please contact a dispatch specialist at 866-623-7505, option 1.

No eating, drinking, or open containers; no smoking on buses, including E-cigarettes.

Parent FAQs

If, for any reason, your child will not be riding the bus when they are scheduled, it is your responsibility to contact Hiawathaland Transit of the change. We request all passengers who need to cancel a scheduled trip(s) provide a minimum 2-hour cancellation notice of the pick-up time. A “no show” occurs when an individual misses the scheduled pick-up time or does not give at least the 2-hour cancellation notice. Individuals who no show the bus will be charged for their missed trip(s). In the event a passenger no shows a scheduled pick-up and has a return trip scheduled for later in the day, their return trip will automatically be cancelled, and the passenger will need to contact dispatch to reschedule.

All drivers have undergone thorough criminal and driving background checks, have a Commercial Driver’s License, First Aid/CPR certification, and defensive driving and passenger assistance training. The safety of our clients, drivers, pedestrians, and buses is extremely important to us. Therefore, we are unable to service locations that require our buses to back-up, turn into driveways, are located on dead-end streets, and other confined areas. Buses do NOT enter trailer/mobile home parks, apartment complexes, or multi-use/multi-family dwellings. It is a parent/guardian’s responsibility to be present to get their child(ren) on and off the bus.