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Since the late 1990’s, Three Rivers has worked with community partners to create and preserve hundreds of affordable housing units in Minnesota. Collaborating with the local community, private partners, and local government, the organization has extensive experience in cultivating partnerships with state, federal and local funders, creating innovative housing projects and developing strong long-term relationships with local cities, counties/townships, and community leaders.

Three Rivers’ Housing Development Division is made up of experienced professionals that ensure each housing project created meets the unique needs of low-income families and individuals. The agency’s Development Division has secured housing project funds from multiple sources such as federal Low Income Housing Tax Credits, federal and state Historic Tax Credits, HOME, CDBG, various state sources including PARIF and EDHC deferred loans and local sources such as Tax Increment Financing and employer contributions.

As a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) housing developer, the agency has:

  • Developed over 950 affordable housing units including over 790 rental units and 150 single family homes
  • Attracted over $145 million in investment capital to create and sustain local construction jobs and needed housing opportunities
  • Created supportive housing units for persons with disabilities and families and individuals who have experienced the trauma of homelessness

Housing Statistics

New rental housing units built
Rental housing units preserved
New single-family homes built
Homes renovated and resold
Homebuyers assisted with downpayment
Total Housing Investment