Older Adult Programs are proud to announce we have started Chore and Homemaker Services for Older Adults in the Zumbrota Community. Our goal with these new services is to better connect older adults with volunteers and help them remain independent in their homes. We are seeking participants, over the age of 60, in need of services such as vacuuming, laundry, preparing meals, yard work, grab bar installation and more! If you know of anyone in need or willing to volunteer their time, please reach out to our team!

Eligibility Criteria

At least one member of the household needs to be over 60 years of age.

Prior to starting services, our advocates will visit with you to help understand your needs. They will listen and provide you with the support you need to remain independent.

Cost Sharing of Services

To help sustain services and to comply with our grant funders, participants will be asked to share in the cost of services, based on ability to pay. You will not be turned away from services for inability to contribute.

These cost-sharing fees will be based on a self-proclaimed gross monthly income as well as household size.

Income (single household) Income (household of 2) Hourly Rate
Up to $14,580 Up to $19,720 $10
$14,581 – $21,870 $19,721 – $29,580 $15
$21,871 – $29,160 $29,581 – $39,440 $20
$29,161 – $43,740 $39,441 – $59,160 $25
$43,741 and above $59,161 and above $30

If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the lives of the older adults in your area – consider being a volunteer.  Your commitment can be for a couple hours, a specific day or timeframe.  We are flexible.

To sign up, call (800) 277-8418 or click the “Volunteer” button below to register.