Community Support Services

Support Services provide a safety net in times of crisis and a road towards self-sufficiency after the crisis has been resolved. Programs connect individuals and families with resources and partner organizations and develop personal relationships through customized and comprehensive service. Three Rivers helps people build brighter, stable futures and stronger communities.

Call 1-800-277-8418 to complete an intake over the phone to address any needs the household may have. This intake will be sent to the appropriate Housing Advocate who will complete a comprehensive assessment either in person or over the phone. The household will be asked to provide verifications as required.  Services available will vary by county and community.

Effective April 3, 2017, Three Rivers Community Action, Inc., Housing Advocacy Services Department participates in the Southeast Minnesota River Valleys Continuum of Care Coordinated Entry System (CES), for housing and support services for households experiencing homelessness.

What is CES? 

Coordinated Entry is a collaborative initiative designed to create a more effective and efficient homeless response system. It is a way to help those seeking housing and services to access programs by making fewer phone calls, undergoing fewer screenings, and being aware of their near-term options.   

How does CES affect me, the participant inquiring for services a household experiencing for the homelessness? 

When you inquire at Three Rivers for housing and/or services for a houshold experiencing homelessness, you will be asked if you have been assessed and entered into the Coordinated Entry System for housing either here or by another agency.

If the answer is yes, that is all you need to do.  You are already part of Coordinated Entry and will be contacted by a Housing Provider with a program opening once that opening becomes available.  It is not necessary to check back or continue to call multiple agencies. (Please do check back if you have had a change of contact information or if you find housing for yourself.)

If the answer is no, you have not previously been assessed either here or at another agency, you will be offered the opportunity to complete an assessment (takes about 30 minutes) that will determine your priority for services according to the vulnerability of your need. 

Once assessed, your household will be entered into a Centralized Priority Pool that covers all of the Housing Services Providers in Southeast Minnesota. 

When an opening becomes available, that housing provider will contact you to complete the enrollment process.

Am I guaranteed housing or financial assistance because I am on Coordinated Entry? 

No, being a part of Coordinted Entry does not guarantee housing, financial assistance, or support services. However, all providers must accept referrals via the Coordinated Entry System, so this is the only way to access those services.