Family Homeless Assistance and Prevention Program (FHPAP) Region 10 Southeast Minnesota Housing Network 2017-2019 Request for Intent to Apply

The Homeless Advisory Committee of the Southeast Minnesota Housing Network is conducting a local Request for Intent to Apply Letters for a Primary Grantee for the Family Homeless Prevention Assistance Program (FHPAP) for Region 10 covering 11 counties and for Sub-Grantee providers for the program in this region for the program year beginning July 1, 2017 and ending June 30, 2019. 

The Committee will accept for each position a Letter of Intent to Apply, which should include the following: 

            -           The agency name, address, and primary phone number

            -           The Executive Director, name, phone number and email

            -           The primary contact for the program application, name, address and email

            -           The service area in which the program will be implemented

-           The education, credentials, and experience of the staff who will be implementing the  program including direct service staff, administrative supervisor of the program, and finance staff who will be completing expenditure reports

-           Other current grants that the agency receives that are for a similar purpose: Homeless assistance and the prevention of homelessness.  Include the grant source, amount, length of time as a grantee, and the purpose of the grant

-           Describe financial capability to implement the program

-           Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) experience

-           Describe involvement with Coordinated Entry

-           Proposal including:

            -           Amount of request

-           Target population(s) including proposed number of households to be served in  each category

            -           Proposed services

            -           Need for the amount of request for the target population and proposed services

-           Proposed budget (may be simple but should include portion of administration, all direct services, and HMIS)

Please submit Letters of Intent to Apply to Tammy Gross, FHPAP Homeless Advisory RFP Committee Representative via email at by 4:00p.m. on Friday, February 24, 2017.  If you have questions regarding the FHPAP program, please contact Colleen Hansen at or 507-732-8511 or review program information at the Minnesota Housing website: .

The Family Homeless Prevention and Assistance Program (FHPAP) is funded by the State of Minnesota through the Minnesota Housing Finance Agency in two year program cycles.  The next cycle will be July 1, 2017-June 30, 2019.

The purpose of the program is to prevent and end homelessness and eliminate repeat episodes of homelessness for singles, families with children, and unaccompanied youth in Minnesota.  The program may provide services to households in the categories of homeless assistance as defined by the State of Minnesota and homeless prevention to keep households in current housing or to re-house them without of day of homelessness.  Allowable services include back rent, first month’s rent, deposit, rental subsidy up to 24 months, mortgage assistance, utility assistance, transportation assistance, case management as defined by the State of Minnesota,  and Individual and family support services (other than comprehensive case management), life skills instruction, undesignated temporary financial assistance, housing search assistance and placement, specialized information and referral, hotel/motel voucher, personal financial counseling, and family reunification services. 

All grantees and sub-grantees must use the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) to conduct their program reporting.  Additionally, all grantees and sub-grantees must participate in their local CoC and Coordinated Entry process. 

The grantee will be the administrator of the program and will be responsible for comprehensive semi-annual and annual reports and quarterly expenditure reports to Minnesota Housing.  In addition, the grantee is responsible to convene the Homeless Advisory Committee for the program.  The grantee lead staff person in conjunction with the Homeless Advisory Committee members responds to the biennial Request for Proposals.  This person also monitors sub-grantees, participates in quarterly coordinator conference calls with Minnesota Housing, and works with the Homeless Advisory Committee to evaluate program performance, system barriers and needs regarding preventing and ending homelessness.

Sub-grantees are responsible for implementing the program, documenting services in HMIS, reporting as required to the grantee, participating in and potentially facilitating their local Homeless Response Team, participating in the Coordinated Entry of the CoC and participating in the Homeless Advisory Committee. 

In the past two biennia, this project was awarded $776,118.00 to cover services throughout the 11-county region. 

The current grantee is Three Rivers Community Action, Inc. and current sub-grantees are Semcac and LSS-LINK. 

The Committee will review Letters of Intent to Apply prior to March 10, 2017 and will request any additional clarification or further items needed to correspond with Minnesota Housing’s RFP following that meeting.  All applicants will be notified in writing of decisions to select or not select applicants to be included going forward for the SEMNHN combined application response for the Minnesota Housing 2017-2019 RFP.  Funding awards will be contingent upon final contracts executed by Minnesota Housing with the grantee and subsequently the grantee with each sub-grantee.