Three Rivers Community Action, Inc. is accepting proposals from CPA firms.

Three Rivers Community Action, Inc. is accepting proposals from CPA firms to provide audit and tax services for our organization for the fiscal years ending September 30, 2013 through September 30, 2017. We invite all qualified firms to submit a proposal to us by August 6, 2013, for consideration. A description of our organization, the services needed, and other pertinent information follows.
Background of Three Rivers Community Action, Inc.

Three Rivers Community Action, Inc. (THREE RIVERS) is a Minnesota based 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that works with community partners to address basic human needs of people in our service area, thereby improving the quality of life of the individual, family, and community.  The organization has a September 30 fiscal year-end, with a requirement to file OMB circular A-133 consolidated audited financial statements with the federal audit clearing house by June 30 of each year, but would prefer to complete the audit by December 1 of each year.  THREE RIVERS has been in existence since 1966, and as of July 1, 2013 merged Olmsted County CAP into their service delivery area along with the delivery of the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program for residents of Olmsted County.  Although the agency runs some programs in all of the twenty county area of southeastern Minnesota, the agency’s main service delivery area now includes Goodhue, Olmsted, Rice, and Wabasha counties.  THREE RIVERS is also currently involved, either as a partner or sole owner, in fifteen affordable housing projects which are to be included in the audited consolidated financial statements.

Services to Be Performed
Your proposal is expected to cover the following services:

  1. Annual audit to be completed in compliance with the previously mentioned filing requirement and meetings with audit committee and or board of directors, as necessary.
  2. Tax filing of the organization’s IRS Form 990, which is due by February 15th of each year.

Key Contact
Requests for additional information should be coordinated through our CFO, Mollie A. Moyer, prior to July 25th. You may reach her at the number or e-mail listed below. Please return the completed proposal to her attention at the address provided below.

Relationship With Prior CPA or Current Service Provider
Audit and tax services have been provided by Abdo, Eick & Meyers, LLP the past few years and the agency has been pleased with their services, but the agency believes it is a good policy and procedure to complete a request for proposal for audit and tax services at least every five years.

Other Information
For more detailed information, please review THREE RIVERS’s webpage at, including the Financial Statements and Independent Auditors Reports and IRS Form 990s located under the “About Us” for the previous three years.  This year’s financial information should be fairly similar to fiscal year ending September 30, 2012.

Your Response to This Request for Proposal
In responding to this request, we request the following information:

  1. Detail your firm’s experience in providing auditing and tax services to organizations in the not-for-profit industry, specifically those of a comparable size to THREE RIVERS.
  2. Provide information on whether you provide services to any related community action agencies.
  3. Discuss the firm’s independence with respect to THREE RIVERS.
  4. Discuss commitments you will make to staff continuity, including your staff turnover experience in the last three years.
  5. Identify the five largest not-for-profit clients your firm (or office) has lost in the past three years and the reasons. Also discuss, in instances when loss of the client was due to an unresolved auditing or accounting matter, the process of attempting to resolve the issue(s).
  6. Identify the partner, manager, and in-charge accountant who will be assigned to our job if you are successful in your bid, and provide biographies. Indicate any complaints against them that have been leveled by the state board of accountancy or other regulatory authority, if any. Indicate any corrective actions that have been taken by the firm with respect to these people.
  7. Describe how your firm will approach the audit of the organization, including the use of any association or affiliate member firm personnel and the areas that will receive primary emphasis. Also discuss the firm’s use of technology in the audit. And finally, discuss the communication process used by the firm to discuss issues with the management and audit committee of the board.
  8. Set forth your fee proposal for the 2013 audit, with whatever guarantees can be given regarding increases in future years. Provide your proposed fee for the required tax preparation. Your fee proposal should also delineate hours by level of staff.
  9. Describe how you will bill for questions on technical matters that may arise throughout the year.
  10. Furnish current standard and discounted billing rates for classes of professional personnel.
  11. Provide the names and contact information for other similarly sized clients of the partner and manager that will be assigned to our organization for reference purposes.
  12. Describe how and why your firm is different from other firms being considered, and why our selection of your firm as our external accountants is the best decision we could make.
  13. Include a copy of your firm’s most recent peer review report, the related letter of comments, and the firm’s response to the letter of comments.
  14. Evaluation of Proposals

THREE RIVERS will evaluate proposals on a qualitative basis. This includes our review of the firm’s peer review report and related materials, interviews with senior engagement personnel to be assigned to our organization, results of discussions with other clients, and the firm’s completeness and timeliness in its response to us.

We would also appreciate a response if you decline to submit a proposal.

For more information contact:

Mollie A. Moyer | Chief Financial Officer
Direct: 507-732-8533 |
1414 North Star Drive, Zumbrota, MN 55992
Fax: 507-732-8547