Hiawathaland Transit Announces Volunteer Driver Program.

Drivers needed to transport riders throughout the region.

Hiawathaland Transit’s Volunteer Driver Program, currently established in Wabasha County, will begin operation in Goodhue County beginning July 1st.  Volunteers are needed in both counties and will be reimbursed for mileage at the current IRS rate.  The purpose of the Volunteer Driver Program is to transport those clients that are not able to utilize public transportation or a personal vehicle.

Rides will be set up through Hiawathaland Transit; riders can call in to request transportation and will be paired up with a driver who can take them to in- or out-of-town appointments, meetings, events, friendly visits, etc.  Volunteers can state when they are and are not available to drive, as well as where they are and are not willing to drive to.  Interested parties should contact Hiawathaland Transit at 866-623-7505.

Hiawathaland Transit is administered by Three Rivers Community Action, Inc. and serves Goodhue, Rice and Wabasha counties.