Invitation to interested service providers

Three Rivers Community Action is soliciting a call for contractors for asbestos abatement and mold/moisture remediation work in connection with for Weatherization Assistance Program in Goodhue, Rice and Wabasha Counties.

Contractor requirements may be requested from Brian Kopack (507) 785-0761 or

The Weatherization Program is administered by Three Rivers Community Action, Inc. and funded by the Minnesota Department of Commerce along with many area utility companies. This program runs year round to reduce eligible households’ energy costs and improve the comfort level of their homes. It is a grant program, which means the eligible work is done at no cost to the household.

Three Rivers can weatherize eligible homeowners or renters experiencing low income in Goodhue, Rice and Wabasha counties. Due to funding levels, not all clients that qualify will receive Weatherization in any given year. Three Rivers uses the following priority guidelines:

  • Priority 1: Elderly (60+) or disabled households with high heating costs. We plan to work on your home within 3 to 6 months.
  • Priority 2: High heating costs. Due to uncertain funding levels, we hope to be able to work on your home within 12 months.
  • Priority 3: Elderly or disabled household. Timeline is completely funding dependent.
  • Priority 4: Households with children age 6 or younger living in the home. Timeline is completely funding dependent.
  • Priority 5: No target groups. We can not guarantee when and if we will be able to work on your home.

An energy auditor determines what improvements will be done, licensed private contractors are hired to do the work, and then an inspection is completed when the work is finished. Improvements may include insulation and infiltration work, furnace maintenance, venting of water heaters, heating and exhaust systems, and installation of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors when needed. This work is done as a one-time improvement to the house.

Apply For Assistance

To receive assistance for weatherization, please apply for Energy Assistance. The Energy Assistance Department can be reached at (507) 316-0610.