Resources for State Program Grantees

Requesting CoC Confirmation or other application approval for projects seeking State funds in 2017

River Valleys CoC requires a written project description and a presentation from any applicant requesting a CoC Confirmation or signature on the application. In order to ensure that the CoC meets its obligation to review the project, CoC members must receive all required project information in a timely manner.

The following requirements are in place for 2017:

  1. Review CoC Priorities for projects serving homeless persons.
  • MN Housing summary of CoC priorities.
  • More detailed CoC priorities for 2017-2018. These priorities were developed for CoC funding decisions, not MN Housing funding decisions. However, these may align with those on the MN Housing website, and provide estimated need and priority geographies within the CoC region. Where applicable, developers are encouraged to consider the unit need numbers included in these priorities.

  2. Contact the CoC Coordinator to schedule your presentation. The presentation must occur in-person at a CoC meeting prior to the application deadline. Bridges applicants should contact Jennifer for presentation dates. For 2017 applicants in the MN Housing multifamily June funding round, these presentation dates are available:

  • 9:30 Thursday, April 20 at MN Valley Action Council, 706 N Victory Dr, Mankato, MN in rooms 131A&B
  • 9:30 Thursday, May 18 at Olmsted County, 2100 Campus Dr SE, Rochester, MN in the Whitewater/Cascade Room
  1. Submit the Project Summary form at least 10 days before the meeting at which you will present. If you have more than one project, you must complete the form for each project. The questions haven’t changed much from past years, but we are using this electronic form to share information with committee members more easily. The Project Summary form is due by:
  • COB Monday, April 10 for presentations in April
  • COB Monday, May 8 for presentations in May
  1. Bring TWO copies of the completed CoC Confirmation form to the meeting at which you present. (Your form will be signed at the meeting.) One copy is for you to submit with your application and one copy is kept in our files.

Please be attentive to deadlines. The CoC is not allowing alternative presentation dates or locations in 2017.


FHPAP/CoC Joint Community Needs Assessment --Summary Coming Soon!