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Requesting CoC Confirmations or other CoC application approval/support

River Valleys CoC requires a written project description and a presentation from any applicant requesting a CoC Confirmation or signature on the application. In order to ensure that the CoC meets its obligation to review the project, CoC members must receive all required project information in a timely manner.

Upon request, the CoC may provide documentation of support for projects that align with CoC-approved goals, priorities, and values. Requests for support should be made as soon as possible to allow for CoC review and votes, where necessary. Please review the policy on “CoC Support for Project Applications” and the current CoC Plan before requesting an MOU or letter of support. Both resources are found on the Governance page

  • REQUEST FORM for funding applicants seeking to present projects to CoC for review or support.


FHPAP (Family Homelessness Prevention and Assistance Program) is a Minnesota program administered by two primary grantees in the CoC region, Minnesota Valley Action Council and Three Rivers Community Action. The FHPAP grantees coordinate with the CoC on needs assessment and planning to ensure alignment between prevention services and homeless assistance services in the region.

Housing Support (formerly Group Residential Housing)

Housing Support is a Minnesota program that provides help for housing costs for some people at risk of institutional placement or homelessness. Housing Support is administered by Counties through vendors in the community and can be a resource for individuals in some permanent supportive housing programs.

To expand use of Housing Support as a resource across the region, a CoC workgroup in 2018-2019 developed a guide for Counties considering using Housing Support to serve homeless adults. The guide is for existing Housing Support providers and providers who are interested in pursuing Housing Support funding. The guide includes steps necessary to obtain a Housing Support agreement and expectations that come along with the Housing Support agreement.

The CoC workgroup received advice from MN Department of Human Services in developing the guide. (It is available in an editable format so that Counties can adapt it for their staff as needed.)