Support Services

Support Services provide a safety net in times of crisis and a road towards self-sufficiency after the crisis has been resolved. Programs connect individuals and families with resources and partner organizations and develop personal relationships through customized and comprehensive service. Three Rivers helps people build brighter, stable futures and stronger communities.

Call 1-800-277-8418 and complete an intake over the phone concerning what their need is.  Then it will be forwarded on to an Intake Specialist and they will return the call to do a comprehensive assessment with them about the request they have and other needs with which the agency may be able to assist.  They will be asked to provide verifications as required.  The intake specialist will either deny the request, providing whatever other information and referrals she can, or will pass the request on to the appropriate Family Advocate for final program approval and enrollment.  Services available will vary by county and community.   --Family Advocacy Services Staff